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Kids In Full Bloom coaches parents by providing hands-on methods, resources and supports to ensure long term success for families and their children across all environments.

We embrace diversity and specialize in catering to children, typically developing and beyond, with diverse needs and delays in communication, social skills, and behavior.

Our strategies and accommodations ensure all children and their families, regardless of background or ability, feel valued and supported.

Kids in Full Bloom is dedicated to nurturing both children and their parents through a range of innovative and unique parent-child programs. Our focus lies in providing expert parent-coaching to give families the knowledge, tools and resources, through play-based programs within a specially crafted preschool environment that is inclusive and accessible to all. 

At Kids in Full Bloom, we're committed to cultivating a thriving community where all children, regardless of ability, and families can bloom together, laying the foundation for a brighter future. 

Serving children ages 2-6 in Northern Virginia

Rene' Rynestad M.Ed., ECSE & Kat Khalatbari M. Ed., ECSE

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what do our clients have to say?

The C. Family

I can’t thank you enough for all of your support & encouragement! Kids in Full Bloom is such a welcoming & supportive environment and it’s been truly amazing watching my children (and my parenting) “bloom!” Your individualized attention to each child and their unique stages and abilities is unmatched. We are so happy to be apart of the Kids in Full Bloom family! 

The T. Family

"Our family was so blessed to work with the educator. She always engaged my son with her games and books and patient teaching style, so he looked forward to her visits and truly bonded with her. I'm so grateful he had her early intervention before public school."

The L. Family

"Miss Rene' and Miss Kat, Kids In Full Bloom, changed our lives. Their experience with special kids taught us as parents how to effectively reach our son when it comes to learning and discipline. the social group has helped my son learn to take turns, communicate, and play with other children. the private lessons for my son have been amazing. It was a challenge in the beginning but now he waits at the door for Miss Rene'. Miss Rene' has taken time to help me communicate with my sons school, his teacher, and observed him in class so we could decide what the best fit is for him. I don't think we would have made the progress that we have in the last 6 months without Kids In Full Bloom. We would be lost without them. Looking forward to enrolling my daughter when she is ready. Miss Rene' even gives us little hints to when it comes to my daughter. She is a thoughtful and selfless teacher. If all teachers were like her every kid in the world would be great successes."

The R. Family

"Kids in full bloom, LLC you are game changers ! I love how you are readily available for any questions , I appreciate all the hands on learning that involves the parents throughout each session . We love coming !- Your classroom is amazing , calm and not overstimulating ,the sessions involve sensory play , gross / fine motor centers, carpet time and songs that change with the theme, my son looks forward to each session with you . I just can't love all you do for us enough." 

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