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Social Sprouts: Social Skills Groups

3.5-5  year olds

Social Sprouts: Social Skills Groups are different than a traditional playgroup. Our Social Sprouts program is designed to help children develop social-emotional skills, help learn conversational, friendship, and problem-solving skills. and build relationships. We also teach the kids to control their emotions and understand other people's perspectives. Social group education provides opportunities for students to learn from and teach each other, increases student engagement and involvement in their own learning and allows for inclusion of diverse perspectives and experiences. We focus on structured play and activities that allow children to interact and learn from each other. Our coaches provide guidance and support to help children regulate their emotions, develop self-awareness, and make positive social connections. Parents are an essential part of our coaching model, and we work together to help children achieve their goals. With our comprehensive approach, we provide practical tools and strategies to help your child thrive in a supportive and nurturing environment. Preschoolers who develop social-emotional skills are more capable of forming positive relationships with their peers and teachers. They are more likely to accepted by their peers, experience less bullying and have more friends. 

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