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Sensory Play

Sensory bins are a simple and fun way to help children engage their senses by playing with safe materials full of textures, colors, movements, sounds and smells. Stimulating their sense through play is one of the best ways to support all areas of their development - language, motor, social, brain & problem-solving skills. The benefits are endless and your little one will simply know they're having fun. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to PLAY!

Don't forget to add in some literacy by reading a related story.

Below are a few of Kids In Full Bloom's favorite sensory bins we rotate through our preschool classroom.

The parents have just as much fun as the kids, and we promise you will too!

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sensory bins are now available for purchase!

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Down on the farm

-popping corn or corn kernels

-farm toys

-farm animals

Literacy: Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

image_6487327 (11).JPG

dig dig dig

-shaving cream

-cocoa powder

-construction trucks

Literacy: Digger Man by Andrea Zimmerman

image_6487327 (3).JPG

yummy cocoa


-pom pom marshmallows

-cocoa cups

-brown cubes

-candy canes

Literacy: The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate by Stephen Krensky

image_6487327 (4).JPG

happy birthday to you

-rainbow rice

-birthday candles

-baking cups

Literacy: Happy Birthday Mouse! by Laura Numeroff

image_6487327 (10).JPG

hello pumpkin

-dyed spaghetti

-pumpkin seeds

-mini pumpkins

-child scissors

Literacy: Halloween Howl by Gail Herman

image_6487327 (1).JPG

penguin surprise

-water beads

-small penguins/arctic animals

-ice / white cubes

Literacy: Penguins 

image_6487327 (7).JPG
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