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The Power of Bubbles

Father and Son

Bubbles are a simple, fun, yet effective tool that can help children learn and grow in so many ways. Bubbles can be used as a fun and engaging way to connect with children while also supporting all areas of development. What better way to connect play and learning?!  Best of all, bubbles are accessible to all, bring joy to all, and can be used in so many ways!

The Benefits of Bubbles

- Promote visual tracking & eye contact
- Teach functional signs
- Promote language development
- Teach how to handle change & that change is ok
- Teach sounds
- Encourage development of fine and gross motor skills
- Teach turn taking
- Further develop social & communication skills
- Strengthen hand-eye coordination
- Teach self-regulation and calming techniques
- Stimulate requests
- Teach body parts & body awareness
- Teach lip rounding and strengthen oral motor muscles for sound production

Bubbles make learning FUN!!



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