The L. Family

"Miss Rene' and Miss Kat, Kids In Full Bloom, changed our lives. Their experience with special kids taught us as parents how to effectively reach our son when it comes to learning and discipline. the social group has helped my son learn to take turns, communicate, and play with other children. the private lessons for my son have been amazing. It was a challenge in the beginning but now he waits at the door for Miss Rene'. Miss Rene' has taken time to help me communicate with my sons school, his teacher, and observed him in class so we could decide what the best fit is for him. I don't think we would have made the progress that we have in the last 6 months without Kids In Full Bloom. We would be lost without them. Looking forward to enrolling my daughter when she is ready. Miss Rene' even gives us little hints to when it comes to my daughter. She is a thoughtful and selfless teacher. If all teachers were like her every kid in the world would be great successes."