Social Skills Groups

Program Information

Together with YOU, the parents, we will work to improve  your preschooler’s social skills by addressing skills needed for your child to be successful across environments .  Our group meets in an early childhood classroom which provides a familiar preschool setting to assist in generalizing learned skills. Resources are provided on a weekly basis to parents which include articles, materials and extension activities. We also provide strategies  to use in other environments to include the child's home. 


90 minutes each week

*Parent participation is required


Kids In Full Bloom Classroom > Manassas, VA


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Social skills groups are so much more than just play!

  • play skills

  • turn taking

  • behavior management

  • peer interactions

  • listening

  • following directions

  • waiting

  • lining up

  • greetings

  • feelings

  • cognitive & communication skills

  • school readiness 

  • transitions

  • self regulation

  • requesting

  • negotiating

  • building friendships