Our Story

Kids in full


We are a dynamic team of highly trained and state licensed educators in the area of Early Childhood Special Education who bring more than 40 years of experience working with early learners and their families in the areas of communication, social skills, behavior, cognition, gross motor, fine motor and adaptive skills. 

Kids In Full Bloom was born after years of ideas and dreams shared between two public school teachers who knew they had the potential to do more, teach more, reach more and impact more. We recognize the need for those children who don't meet the qualifications for a diagnosis, who don't qualify for special education services, and those who need more than what is being provided through their current programs. We serve all children from typically developing and beyond. We serve the whole family in the environments where they face challenges.


The lilac bloom symbolizes youthful innocence, confidence and acceptance and encompasses what we strive to achieve with everyone who becomes a part of the Bloom family. 

"The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil"

-Rachel Carson