Lets Bloom Together!

in-Home visits

Home visits are provided individually on a weekly basis where a specific program is designed to meet the needs of your child. 

Preschool & Daycare visits

Services are provided at your child's daycare or preschool using a team approach to ensure success across environments. Skills and strategies will be shared among the places your child lives and participates in on a daily basis.

Social skills groups

A structured playgroup with 4-6 peers which share similar characteristics and goals. Family support is provided to facilitate your child to develop peer interactions and build relationships.

preschool program supports

Support services for early childhood programs. Services include classroom observations, collaborating with staff to effectively enhance teaching/instruction/environments, behavior management. As well as individualized program planning as well as ongoing support services. 

parent & educator workshops

Early childhood workshops designed specifically for parents or educators on a variety of topics.